5 days that will change your life.

Highly personalized and unlike any other leadership journey in the world, our flagship Leadership Development Program (LDP)® experience unearths your challenges and strengths to highlight who you are…and who you could be.

It’s intense. It’s about you. It’s worth it.

Anand walking through a factory
Anand Tanikella discusses his experience with the Leadership Development Program (LDP) provided by the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) and the success that he gained from utilizing his training.
Something changed when I was challenged to look within...
Watch anand's story
Something changed when I was challenged to look within...
Watch anand's story

I want to...

Become a better leader
Empower my employees

We don’t train. We transform.

More than 50,000 of the world’s most promising professionals have engaged in LDP for very varied reasons. But when they leave, it’s with a common result: a renewed sense of enthusiasm, purpose, self-awareness, and direction – in work and, we're often told, in life.

98% percent of our participants feel their program was worth both the time and effort

97% feel they can apply what they learned directly and immediately in their job

98% left committed to hit the goals they’d set in class

2 out of 3 Fortune 500 companies engage CCL.

So do nonprofits, small businesses, and government groups from around the world. In fact, we literally pioneered the concept of leadership development and evolved our longest-running Leadership Development Program (LDP)® into one of the most relevant training programs your employees will ever experience.

Five-day research-based program for mid-level and senior managers includes intensive assessments, innovative exercises, peer feedback, one-on-one coaching, and follow-up to ensure application in the workplace.

89% of participants felt more engaged as an employee

85% of participants felt more committed to their organization

86% of participants felt more committed to their organization’s success

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Leadership development has measurable impact.

Hear how companies used CCL programs including LDP® to drive success in 4 core areas and why the investment was worth it.

You’ll do your homework.
So will we.

As the pioneers of 360 assessments, we know how to use these and other tools to extract constructive feedback from your boss, peers, and employees – so we know you even before you arrive.

You’ll gain incredible perspective from these assessments. But as importantly, you’ll find tremendous value in the honest and encouraging feedback of your peers in class.

The results are sometimes validating and sometimes surprising – but always enlightening.

This is not a leadership lecture in a hotel hall.

It is a deeply personalized learning experience filled with innovative exercises, business simulations, and energized discussions led by faculty who are among the best in the world. They work with you daily to break down barriers and get to the core of how you operate and impact others.

You won’t walk out with a script and list of leadership lessons, but rather the power to move with purpose.

Making sense of it all.

On Day 4, you’ll spend three full hours with your personal coach, working one on one through your challenges and business opportunities to solidify all you’ve learned. Together you’ll create a realistic developmental plan and identify workplace partners to help hold you accountable for your goals. You’re also provided tracking tools, a post-program assessment, an eLearning package, and two additional 45-minute coaching sessions to make sure the training translates and you see results.

CCL is home to more than 700 of the world’s most respected coaches – seasoned professionals who know how to put the pieces together.

Choose your environment.

Enjoy the lush, wooded serenity of our Carolina campus, the open vistas of the Colorado hills, the beautiful beaches in La Jolla, or travel to one of our many global locations. Each CCL setting is entirely unique and wonderfully elite.

Surrounded by other bright individuals with diverse backgrounds and perspectives, you’ll bare your soul and bury your ego in a safe haven away from the workplace.

Our global locations provide the perfect environment to shatter your comfort zone, reflect, engage, and enjoy.

Incredibly challenging.
Entirely worth it.

We do our homework – rigorously assessing information provided by your participant’s colleagues, so we already know how they operate and impact others in your workplace – even before they walk in the door. We begin sharing feedback on Day 1 and find it can encourage, strengthen commitment and confidence, spotlight unrecognized talent – even reveal hard truths.

But more importantly, this data-driven perspective shapes their experience by targeting the exact behaviors, skill sets, strengths, and challenges they need to address in class – and, quite possibly, in life.

Our campuses are beautiful. They’ll love the environment. But understand, your participant is in for one of the most challenging weeks of their lives.

This isn’t a leadership lecture in a hotel hall.

We make it about real life. Each day, your participants draw on their own professional challenges to actively connect classroom exercises and business simulations to what they do, who they are, and how they function on the job. Whether an extrovert eager to jump in, or an introvert ready to retreat, our seasoned faculty guides each engagement to optimize results.

From the very first exercise, participants use their own workplace experiences to ensure training translates and is easily applied.

Making sense of it all.

CCL is home to more than 700 of the world’s most respected coaches – seasoned professionals who know how to put the pieces together. On Day 4, your participant will spend three hours with their personal coach working through their individual challenges and business opportunities to create a realistic developmental plan and identify workplace partners who will hold them accountable.

Their goals are easily tracked through CCL CompassTM, our proprietary online leadership assessment feedback tool. Plus, two additional coaching sessions, a post-program assessment, and a complimentary eLearning package help measure outcomes and solidify results.

They role play. They engage in interactive exercises. They take a step back – transform. But what clinches your ROI is our ability to ensure they apply what they learn.

Going away really brings it home.

Why travel for training? Because our classroom becomes a safe place where even the most skeptical participants learn to bare their soul and bury their ego in the name of personal and professional progress. Away opens up new possibilities. Anonymous makes new thinking and behaviors feel less risky. And our environment allows participants to do the near impossible – disconnect and really focus on themselves.

Surrounded by bright individuals with diverse industry perspectives, participants benefit from the honest and open feedback, encouragement, and comradery of their peers.

Transform yourself.

Discover the Experience



Here’s What They Say.

LDP alumni consistently tell us they've been transformed by this life-changing experience.

We don’t just train. We transform. This is what that really means:

“I attended CCL’s senior-level program and found it life changing. Ever since, I’ve sent my own managers to LDP. The industry diversity in class provides great perspective, and given the personal nature of the course, being in a safe space away from workplace is invaluable.”

CFO, Navy Acquisition Organization

“I’ve taken other leadership programs, but nothing compares to this. Normally you’re dealing with people who have no idea who you are. The CCL team gathered extensive information about me and my work environment, and used it to help me look at things very differently. I left knowing where I had work to do and what to do about it.”

Electronics Engineer, US Military

“Other programs are either overwhelming or too slow. This one was perfect. I applied what I learned right away and I am a different person. The assessments, the faculty, the people in class – the whole package is what brings it together. I was blown away.”

Director of Innovation, Global Manufacturing Firm

“The entire program was phenomenal. My coach helped me identify an obstacle I never guessed was the root of my entire professional challenge as a supervisor. It completely impacted how I operated and interacted with others. Now I can name it, own it, and when it starts to surface, do something about it.”

Civilian Supervisor, Metropolitan Police Department

“I’d been through a number of professional disappointments and started to become insecure, but my assessments showed I was too hard on myself; I was better than I thought. It was a pivot point and I came out with a renewed sense of confidence. It was cathartic and empowering.”

PR Professional, Global Pharmaceutical Company

“Other programs are either overwhelming or too slow. This one was perfect. I applied what I learned right away and I am a different person. The assessments, the faculty, the people in class – the whole package is what brings it together. I was blown away.”

Director of Innovation, Global Manufacturing Firm

Program At A Glance.

GREENSBORO North Carolina
Greensboro, NC Campus
Colorado Springs, CO Campus
SAN DIEGO California
San Diego, CA Campus
Length5 days
Average class size24 participants
Participant-to-Instructor12:1 ratio

Greensboro, NCColorado Springs, COSan Diego, CABrussels, BelgiumSingapore

Scale-up option for companies wishing to send multiple managers or run a full LDP on-site.
Additional program locations are offered through network associates.
*Excludes VAT- Brussels, Belgium

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